25 junho 2006

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Protosemiosis, micro-gravity, nano-technology, admirableness, change of habits
Within the perspective of this project, Art, as science, has its own operating principles and premises, with equal conditions to the other sciences including the natural sciences, such as biochemistry, nanotechnology, space sciences and cosmology, with which it enters into a direct dialogue. The artist, on making use of these apparatuses and procedures, and even these sciences’ interest nuclei, does so imbued with aesthetic aims and artistic operations, and not with its objective, experimental premises.In cosmological terms, the planet is a powerful nucleus of gravitational attraction. The micro-gravitational environment is a fundamental condition for developing the experiment, with the aim of establishing parallels between elementary conditions that are conducive to visualizing protosemioses, and the conditions in which complex habits (full semioses) develop throughout evolutionary history and particularly characterize the biological systems that are directly linked to the gravitational conditions of the planet’s surface. The relationship between micro-gravity and the pure/simple form of protosemiosis and the relationship between gravity on Earth and the complex forms of biological semioses raises a fundamental question as to the nature of mind and matter.

The organism Aequorea victoria discharging the fluorescent protein GFP

Colonies of bacteria discharging the protein GFP

Schematic Model of Leucine Zipper.

The Project aims to discharge the GFPs (Green Fluorecent Protein) which show different emissions and thus allow differentiated detection on a solid support. The GFPs will be discharged in fusion with protein dominions that have a known involvement in dimerism of regulatory transcription factors. The dominions to be used will be those of the “Leucine Zipper”.

The proteins from the Zipper-GFP fusion are exuded in E. coli, purified and placed on a solid support (glass microscope slide covers and nylon membranes). It is hoped that a contact will be established through the formation of heterodimers caused by the Leucine Zippers, resulting in different emission standards that can be detected microscopically and make up a sort of biochemical palette.

3d model of leucine zippper connected with GFP protein

José Wagner Garcia
Architect, media and Space Artist
School of Architecture and Urbanism (fauusp) 1978
School of Arts and Design (FAAP) 1982
School of Arts and Communication (ECA) 1987
Fellow Center for Advanced Visual Studies MIT


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