17 dezembro 2006


‘vida inteligente’ é a arquiteta do universo

A hipótese do Biocosmo de James Gardner afirma que a vida e a inteligência constituem, de fato, o fenômeno cósmico primário e que tudo o mais _ as constantes da natureza, a dimensionalidade do universo, a origem do carbono e outros elementos no coração das gigantes supernovas, o caminho traçado pela evolução biológica_ é secundário e derivativo.

BIOCOSM provides the foundation for a new set of ethical imperatives and insights.

Science should not divorce itself from the ethical, legal, and social implications of new theories. BIOCOSM identifies three key ethical imperatives and insights that derive from the new cosmological theory articulated in the book:

• First, that humankind is ethically obliged to safeguard the welfare of future generations.

• Second, that a spirit of species-neutral altruism should inform our interactions with other living creatures and with the environment we share.

• Third, that we and other living creatures throughout the cosmos are part of a vast, still undiscovered transterrestrial community of lives and intelligences spread across billions of galaxies and countless parsecs who are collectively engaged in a portentous mission of truly cosmic importance. Under the BIOCOSM vision, we share a common fate with that community—to help shape the future of the universe and transform it from a collection of lifeless atoms into a vast, transcendent mind.

• The inescapable implication of the Selfish Biocosm hypothesis is that the immense saga of biological evolution on Earth is one tiny chapter in an ageless tale of the struggle of the creative force of life against the disintegrative acid of entropy, of emergent order against encroaching chaos, and ultimately of the heroic power of mind against the brute intransigence of lifeless matter. Through the quality and character of our contribution to the progress of life and intelligence in this epic struggle, we shape not only our own lives and those of our immediate progeny but the lives and minds of every generation of living creatures down to the end of time. We thereby help to shape the ultimate fate of the cosmos itself.


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